Jampot Set 6 Pcs L

Jampot Set 6 Pcs L

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Jams and pickled vegetables are not only tasty, but can also be a lot of fun to make yourself. Why not try different flavours of jams, chutneys or pickled shallots? The possibilities are endless.- sealed in as a set of 6 on carton tray- also possible to sell every pot separately, with its own bar code label (different barcode than tray)- dimensions jar: 7.0x7.0x9.4 cm (2.67x2.76x3.7)- easy to close with screw cap- dishwasher safe- reusableJampot set 6 pcs L, Glass, tin, Netherlands

Dimension: 8.8x5.6x3.9 in

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