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Outdoor Cookingset

Outdoor Cookingset


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Cooking outside is an experience, an adventure. Prepare the most delicious meals with this complete 4-part set, consisting of frying pan, saucepan, cooking pot with lid and handle and coffee pot with lid and handle.- 4-parts: frying pan 25,.4 cm (10”), saucepan 1.9 L (3.3 UK Pints) 18.4 cm (7.2”), cooking pot with lid 3,3 L (5.8 UK Pints) 19,2 cm (7.6”), coffee pot (percolator) 1.9 L (3.3 UK Pints) (8 cups)16 cm (6.3”)- lightweight- easy to clean- packaged in gift boxOutdoor cookingset, Mild steel, Volume: 2.19 / 1.557 / 3.242 / 1 L, 7.3x6.5x8.8, 12.1x7.3x3.8, 8.9x8.3x7.2, 9.5x17x3.4 i

Dimension: 7.3x6.5x8.8 in

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