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Rope in Jar Dispenser

Rope in Jar Dispenser


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Jam jars are not just used in the kitchen, they can also be used to organise small tools or garden supplies. This clear glass jar allows you to see at a glance what’s in it, but also come with a vintage printed label. The green jute rope can be used for suspending plants and shrubs in a natural fashion. And this sturdy, 100% natural, weather proof rope is about 102 m (334.6 ft.) long. The glass jar ensures that the rope doesn't get tangled up and is easy to uncoil thanks to the opening in the jar lid.- including 102 m (334.6 ft.) ropeRope in Jar dispenser, Glass, sisal, tinplate, Volume: 0.4 L

Dimension: 3.2x3.2x5.3 in

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