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English Rose Door Knocker, Antique Metal

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Impress your guests at the door with our traditional door knocker featuring an intricate rose design!
While many people are moving to electric doorbells the door knockers from past centuries are becoming more and more attractive again. What better way to stand out, than with our beautifully designed door knocker on your front door for all visitors to see.
What’s better, you will not be compromising on the functionality of a doorbell as the resounding knocks this beautiful piece produces will be heard throughout your house.
The extended panel the actual knocker is mounted on also serves as a striker protector, ensuring that your door is not damaged.
Our door knockers are built to last: made of solid cast iron this door knocker will withstand the elements for years to come!

- Size: 9 x 3 x 1.5”
- Material: Cast Iron
- Installation: Mount on your door with screws

Note: No mounting hardware included.

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