Bird Villa On Pole

Bird Villa On Pole

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No garden can do without a nesting box. This Scandinavian bird villa with detailed elements offers birds a nice place to feed. The openings on both sides allows birds to fly in from two directions and land on the feeding tray. Because of the practical silo in the middle the birds will have sufficient to eat all day without having to refill each day. The roof ensures the feed will stay dry. A hook is pre-attached to the bottom to suspend feed in bags or nets. Thanks to the pole this feeding table can easily be stuck in the ground.- assortment of 4 different bird villasBird villa on pole, plywood, pinewood, 6.9x6.8x44.9, 7.1x6.9x45.9, 7.1x6.9x45.1, 7.2x6.9x45.1 in

Dimension: 6.9x6.8x44.9 in

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